About us

For over 50 years, family business Ortis has developed, manufactured and distributed herbal products for health and wellbeing in Europe.
Ortis Laboratories was established in 1958 by Adolph and Irene Horn and is managed today by their children, Michel Philippe and wife Solange. Ortis is the result of a family commitment to strong values: a deep respect for the human condition, competence and motivation of its employees, sustainability of both the natural environment and as a business venture, providing jobs and opportunities internationally. At the core is the desire to provide impeccable service to its customers by listening to consumers feedback and to provide flawless quality.


BBI Healthcare has been the sole UK distributer of the Ortis Digestive Health range for over 8 years. BBI Healthcare also develops, manufactures and distributes an innovative portfolio of other healthcare products including women’s health, energy and digestive products to consumer retail, healthcare professional and export markets from its headquarters in south Wales and manufacturing facility in Gnesta, Sweden. All of the products adhere to the strict quality and regulatory requirements of European Law.
All products are designed to make life easier for our consumers. They incorporate eye-catching practical packaging designs that standout on shelf, provide clear signposting to our customers, and are well designed with simple instructions so that they can be easily used.
Our products are delivered to the market in the UK via retail channels including all multiple grocery retailers, high street pharmacies, pharmacy wholesalers, health and wellbeing outlets and overseas via a distributor network spanning 55 countries.