Do you experience bloating?

Keep an eye out for our newest product Anti-bloat that will be available soon.


Do you go to the toilet less than 3 times a week?

Are you adverse to taking tablets?

Ortis Fruits and Fibre Regular Cubes are best suited for you

Fruit and Fibre

Ortis Fruits and Fibre Regular Tablets will be best suited to you

Fruit and Fibre Tablets

Is it hard, difficult and painful for you to go?

Try Beneflora to keep your gut healthy and maintain a good balance of bacteria for a healthy digestion


Are you sensitive or have a sensitive stomach? Or is this for a child over the age of 3?

Ortis Fruits & Fibres Easy Syrup is most suitable for you

Easy Syrup

Ortis Fruits & Fibres Easy Cubes are most suitable for you