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Don’t just take our word for it, find out how Ortis® products have helped others and what they think about the range. How it keeps them feeling happy from the inside and out and what else they are doing to improve their general health and wellbeing.

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Rules for a healthy lifestyle

In order to maintain a normal bowel function, bear in mind the following points: Exercise Keeping active helps maintain a healthy body weight and makes you feel great. You don’t have to be tied to the treadmill, there are plenty of other ways you can exercise if you don’t enjoy the gym. Walking – Even […]

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Be prepared Plan your meals in advance. Not only will it save you money in the long term, but it will also allow you to avoid a) snacking on unhealthy food b) it will help you make better health conscious meals. Much better than just grabbing a takeaway or convenience ready meal that are high […]

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Health Tips

Making a few simple changes to your everyday, will see you reaping the rewards in health benefits and keep your body working in harmony, the way it should.  Drinking water, increasing the fibre and exercising are the first solutions recommended to combat discomfort associated with ‘a lazy intestine’.

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Love your liver

The liver, a vital organ! Thanks to its many functions (there are more than 500), the liver plays a crucial role in our health, which truly makes it the body’s “factory”. Certain organs have more of an influence than others on our general well-being. But do we realise what a fundamental role the liver plays […]

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