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Ortis® aspire to give consumers access to premium, natural products with quality ingredients to aid digestive health to enable them to
feel happy inside & out.

ortis syrup[1]

Ortis Children’s Digestive Syrup

Containing a blend of Tamarind and Figs, and formulated to provide gentle action for the bowel and intestine, Fruits and Fibres Children’s Syrup comes in a pleasant apple flavour and contains no added sugar.

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Ortis health fruit and fibre cubes

Fruits & Fibres Cubes

Chewable fruit cubes with rhubarb, tamarind & fig to contribute to normal intestinal transit.

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Fruits & Fibres Syrup

Our gentlest action in a fruity syrup, suitable for pregnant women, children over 3 and those with more sensitive stomachs.

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ortis tablets

Fruits & Fibres Regular Tablets

An alternative to our chewable cubes, our tablets easy to take, contain senna which contribute to normal bowel function.

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Ortis Pureplan Detox

Pureplan contains 7 plant extracts which support the cleansing function of the body, promote liver and kidney functions and help support the body’s natural detoxification process.

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Ortis Beneflora

Rich in fibres and containing six lactic ferments

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Ortis Ginseng

A great natural energy boost, Ortis Ginseng can help revitalise your energy levels and help you feel back on form in no time.

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