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How It Works

Supporting Our Digestive System

Supporting Our Digestive System
To keep us alive and in good health, our body is constantly searching for balance. When our body’s natural balance is altered problems quickly appear: digestive problems, irregular intestinal transit, sensitive joints, occasional fatigue and dull skin. In order to promote health and well being, it is essential to support various systems, and the gastrointestinal system in particular (from the mouth to the colon). This can be done through a good diet, a healthy lifestyle and by taking certain supplements, if required, such as the Ortis range.

Creating Balance

Our balance is based on 3 principles:
The intestine and intestinal

1. The intestine and intestinal

The hundred thousand billion bacteria present in our intestines constantly regulate a large number of enzymatic reactions, which are vital to maintain health and wellbeing. Our digestive system and the intestine in particular, is fundamental because this organ guarantees the correct assimilation of nutrients, the elimination of waste and toxins and also a performing immune system.

2. Detox

It is essential to detox at regular intervals in order to eliminate toxins and purify the body, thus maintaining our balance and digestive health.
Supporting our body

3. Supporting our body

Well-being is also related to actively listening to our body and its needs in order to prevent temporary imbalances from arising. Correct doses of products such as the Ortis range help keep us in good health.