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Diet: Top Tips from Ortis

Be prepared

Plan your meals in advance. Not only will it save you money in the long term, but it will also allow you to avoid a) snacking on unhealthy food b) it will help you make better health conscious meals. Much better than just grabbing a takeaway or convenience ready meal that are high in fat, salt and calories.


Maximise meal times

Take the time to sit down, and enjoy each meal. Too many of us rush around, chewing a sandwich, or gulp down our food in front of the TV before we have to go out for that appointment/catch up with a friend/picking up the children. Taking the time to chew your food in a timely manner will help with your digestion and improve your intestinal transit.
Also being aware of how much you are eating and not overloading your plate and eating double portions will not only be better for your waist line but will also stop you feeling bloated and sluggish.


Drink a lot

..Of water! 1.5 litre a day is recommended. Keep hydrated throughout the day and keep a bottle of water close by whilst you’re at work. Avoid a high consumption of highly caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, instead try and replace one of these a day with a herbal tea, decaf coffee or fruit juice. Swap those fizzy drinks loaded with sugar for a flavored water to cut out on the calories as well as the additives.


Alcohol – Know your limits

It is recommend to have at least 2 alcohol free days a week. When you do drink, try to avoid binging and keep within recommended daily allowance:



  • 2-3units for women
  • 3-4units for men


To put this in to perspective



  • 1 average strength pint of beer/larger equates to 2 units
  • 1 small glass of wine (125) is 1.6 unit
  • 1 25mls measure of spirt is 1 unit


Lean, green and plenty of protein

Avoiding processed foods and limiting fatty and sweet foods and opting for a healthy balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruit and wholemeal bread (fibre-rich) will have a big impact on your digestive health.



Sample menus


Coffee or tea, 2 slices of wholemeal bread + spread

Yogurt + cubes of fresh pineapple



Grated carrot, chicken fillet

Brown rice with broccoli

Wholemeal bread




Fresh vegetable soup

Grilled beef

Fennel gratin

Fresh figs