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Expert advice for boosting digestive health in 2018

Nutritionist Tautvile Sliazaite has some great advice for how you can prepare your body to make sure you feel good both inside and out.
Whilst the Christmas party season is fun, it’s a time when our bodies are under maximum strain. The sudden change in diet - with lots of rich, indulgent food and drink - can have a negative effect on our digestive system which can leave us feeling lethargic, irritable, bloated and can even cause constipation. Not how you want to be feeling at the start of the new year. So, what can we do to help support the digestive system and feel in fine fettle throughout 2018?
Nutritionist Tautvile Sliazaite explains;
“A healthy digestive system relies on many factors, which include having enough stomach acid and digestive juices to absorb nutrients from our food, and eating foods that are rich in fibre, which in turn nourish the good bacteria in our gut helping us to absorb nutrients, and keep bowel movements regular.”
The billions of bacteria present in our intestines constantly regulate a large number of enzymatic reactions, which are vital for the proper functioning of our body. The homeostasis of the gastrointestinal system, and the intestine, is fundamental because this organ guarantees the correct absorption of nutrients, the elimination of waste and toxins and a performing immune system. It is why a growing number of scientists think of this organ as our second brain!
Here are my simple rules to help boost good digestion:
  • Make sure to drink enough water between meals – at an average of 8 glasses per day – but do not drink for 30 mins before, during or after meals as this will dilute stomach acids and can impact digestion. Make ginger and lemon tea between your meals, to help with digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Boost your fibre intake – You need to eat about 7-8 portions of vegetables and 2-3 portions of fruits a day (fruit juices don’t count as they don’t have any fibre). Eat as clean as possible and try a good digestive health supplement, like Ortis Fruits and Fibres are made from 100% natural origins.
  • Stop snacking – this might sound strange, especially because we have been encouraged to eat several small meals a day in the last decade.  However, our digestive system was never intended to be digesting foods all the time. Rather choose 3 decent sized meals per day and have at least 3 hours between your meals
  • Choose ‘real’ foods – a diet filled with vegetables, meat and eggs for protein, good fats from olive oil, nuts and fish will contribute to better digestion
  • Dress to impress!  Create some simple home-made dressings and sauces! Unpasteurised apple cider vinegar, olive oil and mustard seeds are great at helping boost the digestive function
  • Minimise stress. Stress[1] can affect the movement of food through the digestive system (peristalsis), which can cause constipation if it slows it down, or if the food moves too quickly, there is not enough time for absorption, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies.  Stress can also result in heartburn and contribute to the development of stomach ulcers. Being very stressed switches us into ‘fight and flight’ mode in our nervous system, which also affects metabolism and digestion. 


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